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In the Sanskrit office, to the left of the entrance, there’s a rectangular white board. It has a reflective, silver frame, and attached to the bottom of that frame is a marker tray of the same silver color. The tray usually holds three markers, one blue, one red, and one green, while other markers are underneath the large whiteboard in the back of the room.

In the half year I’ve been here, the smaller board has always had something written or drawn on it, by the members of the Sanskrit team. The first creation I saw was in September: the crescent moon and wolf.

One day, somebody drew a blue crescent moon surrounded by wispy, blue clouds. Underneath that, they drew the head of a red, howling wolf. Feeling silly, I decided to sketch a green werewolf, who ended up looking confused. My werewolf’s confusion worked out, because the board’s moon was in a crescent phase, because the werewolf was green, and, in my opinion, because he wasn’t nearly as well-drawn as the other objects on the board.

Next came Halloween. My little werewolf stayed, although he lost his two blue companions to the dry erase marker. But, he was joined by three new creations. First, a detailed, bumpy and wilted, red pumpkin. Next, a blue ghost wearing circular glasses and reading a book. And finally, a delightfully gangly, gnarled green witch. The four drawings surrounded the blue letters, Happy Halloween!

After Halloween, I erased my werewolf, and waited to see what was featured next on the board (for November). A cheerful handprint-traced turkey and the flowing cursive word November appeared. These were followed by Borat’s voice written in a red-lettered subtitle: November is vary nice. A bright Niner Times sticker, orange and brown with a red, brown and yellow turkey on it, also found a place in the top, right corner of the board. The sticker was, and still is, a pleasant reminder of how Eden, the Editor in Chief of the Niner Times, stops by the Sanskrit office sometimes, to say hello to our Editor in Chief, Josh.

The month of December consisted of exams and winter break.

The next board feature arrived in January. The board’s new text read, Happy New Year! and underneath, an encouraging subtitle of: Try to make it a good one! <3 To the left of the text, there was a faded remnant of November’s elegant N, and to the right, festive blue and red fireworks made of dotted lines. The individual fireworks crossed paths with each other, and burst in the sky.

What’s currently on the board, succeeding the New Year’s well-wish, is a multi-dimensional, textured sketch of what looks to be a sea shell and two fish. The sea shell is really more of a spiraled shape curling from the left side of the board into a center, where a string of figure 8’s wind within its inner gap and disappear off of the edge of the board with the shell’s beginnings. The two fish, both outlined in blue, curl inward toward each other, as if swimming in the same spiraled shape as the shell sitting next to them. The fish look similar to each other, but are distinct from each other in the color of their eyes, lips, fins, and gills. The fish on the left is detailed in red, and the one on the right, in green. And most recently added to this board has been the monogram of the artist, an elegant set of initials encased in a freely drawn circle.

Each day, I look forward to walking into the Sanskrit office and seeing what new, artful fun the members of Sanskrit have created.

Update: Today, the board’s new feature is a laughing leprechaun skipping along a path of gold and clovers, next to the green and yellow text: Spring into March!

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