Featured Artist: Brett Manning

Get in the spirit for equality (and Halloween!) with my favorite new art babe, Brett Manning.


This artist from Indiana has perfected a stylistic portrayal of girls that I like to call “ghoulish gals.” In an age where feminism is rightfully and constantly blooming in society, Brett unveils a new facet of womanliness. Rather than outdated ideals of women as pure, simplistic, and contained, Brett’s art explores the reality of womanhood with a spooky twist. The majority of her pieces are images of unconventional women in a mysterious and uncanny setting. They are portrayed playing with ghosts, using art2015_29ouija boards, or casting spells. Their faces and stature are moody and disturbed. Vibrant pastels combine with deeper, darker tones to create a fantastical feel as the backdrop.

There’s a certain connection to these unconventional characters. They explore our gloomy side, the brooding and quirky bits of ourselves that we don’t always express. These girls encourage us to embrace all of it, the pretty pops and the melancholy madness. There’s a certain beauty in oddity, and her works twist the condemned weirdos into self-proclaimed


You can check out the rest of her stuff at brettisagirl.com and all of her super cute products on Etsy.

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