Cornelia Parker: Roof-top Installation for the Met

Cornelia Parker

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has commissioned English sculptor and artist Cornelia Parker to create one of her famous site-specific works for a rooftop display, set to run from May through October of 2016. In an interview for the Art Newspaper, Parker said her goal is to construct a work to “compliment the view” of the New York skyline that most of the visitors to the roof of the Met seem to be enamored with, because it would be difficult to compete with otherwise. (I can certainly believe this considering how many random articles of clothing and pieces of household décor I’ve seen featuring the New York skyline even though I have never even been to New York City.)

Parker is known for her groundbreaking works in suspended sculpture and her critiques of consumerism, globalization, and mass media. For her site-specific work Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View (1991) that was featured at the Tate Modern Gallery, Parker asked the British Army to blow-up a garden shed and then displayed the burnt, broken pieces suspended in mid-air with a single source of light illuminating the structure. Can you imagine how eerie it must have been to see the shadows of a dismembered building floating along the walls of an empty gallery space, almost as if you were witnessing a silent explosion that was somehow lost in time? No? Well here’s a picture!

Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View (1991)

Another striking example of Parker’s work is Hanging Fire (Suspected Arson) (1999). She gathered pieces of  a woodwork shop that was suspected to have purposely been burned down, and hung them in the air from thin clear wires. The pieces formed a geometric pattern that represented two almost opposing forces at once. From one perspective it appears as if they are fluttering down into their final resting place. From the other, the remains of the shop are literally rising from the ashes of the fallen building.

Hanging Fire (Suspected Arson) (1999)

I’m excited to see what Cornelia Parker creates for this new commission. Looking at her past work, I am sure it will be breathtaking.

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