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My weekend consisted of two very dull days. They were the kinds of days that beg staying indoors, cuddled up under a favorite blanket watching Netflix. They were also the kinds of days that, because of said begging, also caused procrastination. I’ll admit, I’m weak to my bed and my blanket and my Netflix account, certainly more than I’d like to admit. Sunday morning, in an effort to put off having to do anything, I gave in to the temptations. So there I was, all cuddled and catching up on Once Upon a Time, also trying to figure out what to eat. Then I realized I had left over cookies from last night. Chocolate chip cookies, aka the breakfast of champions. My stomach went crazy, sending my brain signals – milk and cookies, Milk and Cookies, MILK AND COOKIES – so I pulled myself out of my warm little cocoon to make breakfast.

Here’s how it went: I open my fridge. I pull out my milk. I take off the lid. I immediately sense something’s off. I look into the jug; looks normal. I slowly raise the jug to my nose and WHAM, the putrid smell of spoiled milk singes my nose hairs. I slowly sit down, overwhelmed by sadness and resignation. So much for the breakfast of champions.

Here are two words that sum up my morning:

1. atermoiements
(n.) distractions or hesitations leading to procrastination

2. mágoa
(n.) a heartbreaking feeling that leaves long-lasting traces, visible in gestures and facial expressions

Hope everyone’s breakfast endeavors turned out better than mine! 안녕 (annyeong)!

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Alina “Lenny” Fortunato is a sophomore at UNCC pursing an English major with a minor in Linguistics. Between writing essays, reading for class, and trying to stay afloat in a sea of work, she likes to watch her favorite shows (ABC's Thank God It's Thursday, anyone?), keep her Tumblr blog updated, sew, and teach herself Korean. She is always hooked up to Spotify, probably talks way too much, and has a hard time keeping track of all her hobbies. Lenny does not know what career she wants to pursue but is hopeful that her interests in language and Korean culture will take her on many adventures.