Logolepsy – 5

word 5
It’s wild how time passes so quickly. I mean, we’re already approaching Halloween you guys, the end of October! It feels like just yesterday that I couldn’t wait for summer to go away and for fall to show up. Now I’m sort of impatiently waiting for winter to bat fall out of the park. Call me crazy, but I prefer cold over heat, and the weather yesterday was perfect: overcast, chilly, and windy. In other words, sweater weather! It just calls for sweaters (if that wasn’t already obvious) and hot beverages and books and blankets and coziness that leaves a warm feeling in your chest. At least, that’s just me. Here’s a word that brings all of these thoughts to mind:

1. brumous
(adj.) of grey skies and winter days; filled with heavy clouds or fog; relating to winter or cold, sunless weather

Hope everyone has a great week! ์•ˆ๋…• (annyeong)!

About the Author

Alina โ€œLennyโ€ Fortunato is a sophomore at UNCC pursing an English major with a minor in Linguistics. Between writing essays, reading for class, and trying to stay afloat in a sea of work, she likes to watch her favorite shows (ABC's Thank God It's Thursday, anyone?), keep her Tumblr blog updated, sew, and teach herself Korean. She is always hooked up to Spotify, probably talks way too much, and has a hard time keeping track of all her hobbies. Lenny does not know what career she wants to pursue but is hopeful that her interests in language and Korean culture will take her on many adventures.