Dear Reader


Bob’s letters to Jinnie can be read here.


Dear Reader, 


Letter writing is a dying art.

During the Victorian Era-a time known for its bleeding romance and illicit love affairs -lovers young and old would exchange letters to be read under lamp-light. Each word would be penned with care, the sender doing his or her best to comfort his or her lover across the distance separating them. Perhaps this distance was in miles or station. Maybe their lovers were in the same towns, the same neighborhoods, but still felt worlds apart due to unhappy marriages or family feuds. 

On 9 March, 1890, Bob wrote a letter to Jinnie in London, wishing she were there to share the wonderful views with him. 

Nine years later, Bob is still writing to Jinnie. On 22 April, 1899, he sends a letter from hours away discussing their marriage. He opens the letter wishing he were there with her. The distance seems just as long to him. 

We have all but discarded the comfort of knowing someone has taken the time to sit down and write how they were feeling by hand, replacing it with the impersonality of instant messaging.  Bob’s letters to Jinnie have latest hundreds of years. How old is your oldest text message?


Anxiously awaiting your reply,

Tierra Holmes 

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Tierra Holmes is a senior studying Art History and History at UNCC. When she isn’t chained to her computer working on research projects, she enjoys marathoning Korean dramas and spending money she doesn’t have. After graduation, she hopes to curate a museum or gallery and possibly guest-star on Mysteries at the Museum.