Once the Rain Reaches the Pavement by Sierra Beeler

Once the rain reaches the pavement
and the wind starts to whip the air, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_bklurccr580so84wc0wc4gkws_640
the sky will turn a light blue-gray,
and shadows will cast over the land.

It’s a diamond covered in soot.
Once the rain reaches the pavement,
traces of fire will be washed off,
and the diamond can start over.

In the shadows the diamond gleams.
It radiates it’s own bright glow.
Once the rain reaches the pavement,
the diamond will make a rainbow.

The colors will brighten your day,
and chase away the dark shadows,
after the diamond has been cleaned,
once the rain reaches the pavement.

About the Author

Sierra Beeler is a junior English major at UNC Charlotte. An aspiring screenwriter, she hopes to one day entertain the masses with a book series turned television show she hopes will “put J.K Rowling to shame.” When not working on one of her many uncompleted projects, Sierra enjoys watching Hulu and crying over fictional characters.