English Crash Courses

During my sophomore year, amidst one of many thrilling lectures on foreign policies, I realized (sadly) that I would never be the next Leslie Knope. After enduring a year and a half of Political Science courses, I concluded that I was completely uninterested in politics. Along with my lifelong love for literature, I had taken a few English courses before applying to the English program and knew the path I needed to follow. Ultimately, this decision saved me a fortune on pantsuits. Whether you are an English major in the process of declaring a concentration or simply cannot determine a major/minor, there are 3 essential English courses you need to take before making your decision:


 As we all know, registering for classes is a nearly impossible task at UNCC. If you ever get the opportunity, take creative writing with literally any professor that has an open seat. This is such an important class whether you are studying exercise science or engineering. Creativity is a dying art so seize every opportunity to use your imagination (especially for a grade).


 One of the greatest poets and playwrights of all time, Shakespeare’s literary legacy laid groundwork for every writer that followed. If you enjoy dynamic and extensive literature, this class will analyze Shakespeare’s work down to the exact position in which he was sitting while he wrote. As if this isn’t reason enough, if you take this class during the spring semester there is a good chance you will get cupcakes on Shakespeare’s birthday.


Take this class for one reason and one reason only: Dr. Mark West. Department Chair, author and ex-puppeteer – you will never regret showing up for class. Also, you are required to read children’s books, so it’s a win-win.

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