How to Write a YA Novel (In 5 Easy Steps)

Hi, are you someone who wants to write a young adult book but doesn’t have the know-how, the discipline, or the time to do so? You have this great idea in your head that you want to write out and share with the world but you don’t know where to start? Well rest your creative head because I’m going to tell you how to write a YA novel in just five steps.


The first step is probably the hardest step to do. Coming up with a fresh new idea can be hard at times, unless you’re someone gifted with a blossoming and maybe overactive imagination. To come up with a good plot, I suggest watching as many books or movies of said genre as you can. Pick and choose all your favorite clichés and throw them together giving you character hip young names like Robynn or Delios. Don’t forget a love triangle as those are always fun. And don’t worry if your plot seems too similar to another novel, originality is dead anyway.


Jot down your ideas in an easy to read notebook. Or if you’re like me come up with three major plot points. Obsess over those plot points until they’re forever embedded into your memory. These plot points should be the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you think of at night. Further develop these three points until they begin to take on a life of their own. Replay them in your head like a movie, over and over. Eat, sleep, breath these plot points. Your life are the plot points. YOU are the plot points.


Fill in the rest of the chapters as you come up with it, making sure that no matter what, the events lead to your three major plot points. Grammar doesn’t matter, style doesn’t matter. Nothing else matters.


After you make it to your first plot point things should start to get shaky. Maybe as you wrote you created events that contradicted or made it hard to get to your further plot points. This is okay, everybody gets writer’s block every now and again. Take a step back, sit down your book for a little bit, watch more movies or read other books to gain more inspiration to get you out of your pickle.


It’s been months. You haven’t come up with a single good idea in weeks. You may have thought about changing your major plot points to further your story but you’ve been obsessing over these points for months. They’re the only solid thing you have. You can’t get rid of your plot points but you can’t move any further. Looking at the cursor as it blinks, stopped in mid-sentence is starting to make you sick. Why did you even think you could write a YA novel in the first place? Think of all the time you wasted as you drag your stupid story in your trash bin. Reward yourself by starting the same process over again.

About the Author

Sierra Beeler is a junior English major at UNC Charlotte. An aspiring screenwriter, she hopes to one day entertain the masses with a book series turned television show she hopes will “put J.K Rowling to shame.” When not working on one of her many uncompleted projects, Sierra enjoys watching Hulu and crying over fictional characters.