Tierra Holmes: Master Artist

It’s that time of year already! Submissions for the 2016-2017 issue of Sanskrit will close in just a few short hours. In honor of this year’s deadline, I have decided to construct a submission packet of my own. I have posted my work below for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy!


Not the Mona Lisa

Tierra Holmes, Not the Mona Lisa

My first piece is this totally original painting that I meticulously detailed by hand. The painting depicts a mysterious, smiling red-head. The designer sunglasses prevent the viewer from determining whether she is smiling because she likes you, or because she is secretly judging your entire existence. I wanted to emphasize the idea of eyes as windows into the soul, and to force viewers to confront how they feel about themselves based on how they interpret the reason for her smile. Unfortunately, some people seem to think of that one painting by that sort of famous da Vinci guy when they see my masterpiece, so I felt compelled to name this work Not the Mona Lisa.


Venus of California

Tierra Holmes, Venus of California

My second piece was inspired by Katy Perry’s “California Girls.” I just think that the music video sends such a positive message to women everywhere. Cupcake bras and Daisy Dukes are so empowering that they really deserve to be immortalized in art for the benefit of future generations. (The people of 2066, for instance, will clearly understand how society values women today!) I have recently stumbled upon the Venus of Urbino, and was honestly surprised by the its similarities to my Venus of California. I am not sure how Titian was able to find the original sketches of my work, but I will definitely be contacting the Uffizi in the near future.


Happy Submitting!

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About the Author

Tierra Holmes is a senior studying Art History and History at UNCC. When she isn’t chained to her computer working on research projects, she enjoys marathoning Korean dramas and spending money she doesn’t have. After graduation, she hopes to curate a museum or gallery and possibly guest-star on Mysteries at the Museum.