Bad Old Poetry I

Soak Me in Your Tears (September 8th, 2012)

It rains and it pours.
I watch with hopeful eyes as the storm pounds harder and harder.
The wind picks up sending the tears of the sky on my skin.
Cool, crisp drops pound my skin,
leaving it’s mark on me and it’s purpose on my clothes.
Sliding through my hair, down my face, through my body.
I run, feet pounding water, pounding gravel.
I scream, sound hitting air, filled with water.
I cry, tears mixing with tears, of the sky which is rain.
I twirl and twirl.
Spin and spin.
Fall and fall.
And fall asleep in the stream of tears cried by the sky,
in the middle of the street.
And if I wake up unharmed,
I’ll wait for the sky to cry again,
so I can do the same.

Sidenote: This was written ten days before my fifteenth birthday

About the Author

Sierra Beeler is a junior English major at UNC Charlotte. An aspiring screenwriter, she hopes to one day entertain the masses with a book series turned television show she hopes will “put J.K Rowling to shame.” When not working on one of her many uncompleted projects, Sierra enjoys watching Hulu and crying over fictional characters.