Nothing is Enough

Sometimes you complete me. Just a little bit. All of my world could be catastrophic, apocalyptic and then you smile sardonically and I take a hit of you.

         Inhale. Consume your solid existence and then push greedily to peel back the skin and beat with you. Learn how you process the strands of eternity’s spiderweb, ephemeral gauze of time and space.

        Exhale. Release, in a panicky attempt to grasp you, the uncontrollable and unpredictable. Only desiring to own those eyes that whisper novels. A force too wild, free as the stars that taunt and captivate, teasing with their celestial welcoming eons away. She is nonconformity, a thousand variables unknown and untouched by man. Rarity in its purest element, uncontaminated and fearless of no one except the voices inside her, warbling in scattered tongues. How could I own something so profoundly singular, yet a thousand splintered substances?

I’ve witnessed the complexions of her finite face as it tastes moments with unparalleled ecstasy. Nothing is enough, and somehow it completes her.

Touching morsels of your soul has been a treasure too devout and holy for religion. I have clutched the magnitude of your fervor, and felt the surge of a spirit so strikingly enamored with the moment that it radiates. I pray your energy raptures the world as it has done with me.


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About the Author

Sarah Eberly is both an English and Geography major at UNC Charlotte. One day she aspires to be an urban planner and to inspire people to reconnect and interact with their communities. She was most accurately described by one of her friends as a person with "long legs and places to be." She is thankful for the experience Sanskrit has given her, and cannot wait to see where her journey will take her next year.