So Long by Zara Laghari

so longFor some insight into Zara’s inspiration and writing journey, check out her interview here!

So Long
by Zara

Scorched me with your heat
Yet before always so cold and cruel
Though I surrendered every June in defeat
I’d much rather have been in school

All of a sudden you changed your wicked ways
You made better the days
But you were not something I could keep
Before I knew it you were out of reach

But you left in the blink of an eye
Left me no chance to say goodbye
Had no choice but to reminisce
Only to await another season of bliss

Now nostalgia and cold wind fill the air
Knowing I’ll have to wait another year
You kept all the precious memories we share
Play, rewind, replay until you get here


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Alina โ€œLennyโ€ Fortunato is a sophomore at UNCC pursing an English major with a minor in Linguistics. Between writing essays, reading for class, and trying to stay afloat in a sea of work, she likes to watch her favorite shows (ABC's Thank God It's Thursday, anyone?), keep her Tumblr blog updated, sew, and teach herself Korean. She is always hooked up to Spotify, probably talks way too much, and has a hard time keeping track of all her hobbies. Lenny does not know what career she wants to pursue but is hopeful that her interests in language and Korean culture will take her on many adventures.