2016-2017 Staff Picks


We’re closing in on the end of the 2016-2017 school year, you guys! This year’s issue of Sanskrit was a roaring success, if I do say so myself. (And for those of you who stopped by the gallery last month, we actually did not hire that one guy to play the piano, but man was he awesome.) We received a lot of great submissions this time around, so our team had some hard choices to make during the reviewing process! In honour of a successful year—which could not have happened without you all’s fabulous submissions—I went around to ask some of our staff to pick their favourite pieces out of the latest issue of Sanskrit.


Sarah, Editor in Chief

*Our fearless leader was disqualified from the voting process, because some of her work was published this year.


Me, Associate Editor

The Fates, Caroline Kerrigan (I actually liked this piece so much that I bought my own print!)

“Bernini’s Saints,” Donna Pucciani (I chose this poem, because I am art history garbage.)


Michaela, Designer

The Boy Blue, Aba Huchinson


Nancy, Content Editor

“The Difficult Matter of Gehenna,” Mao Xiang (Spoiler Alert: They die at the end.)


Sierra, Content Editor

Evening Tea and the Fates by Caroline Kerrigan

“Georgie,” Rachel Liptak


Melissa, Content Editor

“About Five Feet Tall,” Lowell Fleming

The Boy Blue and Reflection, Aba Huchinson

“Georgie,” Rachel Liptak (Melissa and Sierra both said they picked this short story, because of its unique tone.)


Elissa, Volunteer

“About Five Feet Tall,” Lowell Fleming (Fun Fact: Elissa and Melissa both said something along the lines of “OMG THAT PUN AT THE END” whilst making this choice.)


There you have this year’s Staff Picks! (A few of the pieces made the list more than once, because they’re super awesome.) Of course, this list is just personal preference. The 2016-2017 issue of Sanskrit is filled with amazing work. Make sure to pick up your own copy, and let us know which ones are your favourites!

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About the Author

Tierra Holmes is a senior studying Art History and History at UNCC. When she isn’t chained to her computer working on research projects, she enjoys marathoning Korean dramas and spending money she doesn’t have. After graduation, she hopes to curate a museum or gallery and possibly guest-star on Mysteries at the Museum.