Fallen by Andrew

Here’s an original prose piece I’ve written. I hope you enjoy!



The stars are beautiful during the scenic fall nights like the one on which I met her. I remember because I could see entire constellations twinkle when I stared into her eyes. I remember also the energy she seemed to share with all the people around her. It was on one of those beautiful fall nights that I first heard the sound of her laugh. To most people it was almost like a hyena’s cackle, but to me it was the harmony to one of the world’s beautiful songs.

It’s a fall night once more, and I can’t help but spend it outside so I can think about her. I watch the dying leaves fall onto the tree-lined streets praying that she would one day come back to me.

My girlfriend, nearly turned fiancé, left years ago to be an artist in the city of Salvador, Brazil. Every time I search her name online, I get to see what her next project is. It fills my heart with relief to know that she’s happy, even if she’s happy without me. I’ve always wanted her to be happy, and it burdens me to know that those feelings can never truly reciprocated by the girl who after all this time still holds the key to my heart.

Our relationship ended because she could not handle how I felt. We had been dating for a while when it ended, and we were the happiest couple people knew until a few weeks before. We took trips to restaurants, plays, and parks. I took her to dances and asked her in the most spectacular of ways. It was like living in a Nicholas Sparks movie. We made everyone believe in true love, and I was so happy to be a part of the act. Unfortunately, only my girlfriend knew it was an act. She was enjoying the ride, but she was not ready to put everything down for me the same way I was willing to do for her. She was always looking for what was next. I, on the other hand was convinced that someone finally did their job and put the two of us together to make each other happy forever.

On the day that things fell apart, I was carrying a beautiful engagement ring. It was the glass slipper that was going to seal our magical fates. Before we got to our special moment, she walked up to me and explained her feelings. She told me the truth about how she felt, and she spared nothing. In the end, her candor wasn’t what hurt me; it was the fact that she didn’t love me anymore.

When she was offered the job of using her art to spread goodwill in Brazil, she jumped at the chance. She moved away to find what she really wanted in life.

Over the years since she left, I have pontificated over every detail of our relationship. Maybe I had pressured her too much, and she wasn’t ready. Maybe I did something the wrong way or was too chummy with one of my friends. Maybe it was that I was too immature and romantic for her refined, adult tastes. But I then realized that I wasn’t the only one at fault. She treated me like she was worth more than I gave her. She never wanted to help me, and she never wanted to contribute to our relationship. I had given her the gold of heaven and all of my dreams, and it was never enough. I came to understand that love isn’t perfect.

I stare now at the water with the waning moon shining bright on me as I look toward the land that keeps my true love safe. I hope that she forgives me as I have forgiven her. I still think that things will be alright between us should we ever meet again. However, until then, I will look out onto these beautiful fall nights and hope that the warm breeze that enveloped us that first night will comfort us until we find our true loves again.










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About the Author

Andrew Walker Watson is a freshman International Studies Major. He loves Brazilian rap music, discovering useless facts, and, naturally, writing. If he could ever stop staring out into space, he would like to start a global movement to change the world and guest host Saturday Night Live.