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By now I’m sure most people have heard of the band, The Neighbourhood, which formed in Cali, back in 2011. If you haven’t heard of them, then I’m sure you’ve heard of their chart-topping song “Sweater Weather” from their debut album, I Love You., back in 2013. Then, the band established their Indie Rock sound and continued to develop and solidify said sound with their second album, Wiped Out!. Now, the band continues to thrive with their latest EP, Hard, released not even a full two weeks ago, on September 21st.

I’ve always been a fan of slower melodic music and that’s something The Neighbourhood has an abundance of. I’ve always appreciated their ability to combine the soft melodious sound of R&B with a nice soft rock tone. As for lyrics, front-man and main song writer Jesse Rutherford often tales of the troubles of youth and finding oneself, incorporating much of his own life into the music (especially in their second album).

They open with “Roll Call”, a story of self-acceptance over a simple bassline with rhythmic guitar, setting the mood of the EP story-wise. They follow up with “You Get Me So High” which is a bit faster tempo wise and tells the story of a blossoming relationship. The song contains elements that remind me of their debut with a whole new air of maturity. The music continues to pick up tempo-wise as the musicians emulate the sounds of earlier alternative rock in “Noise,” a tale of growing up to question those you’ve idolized. The song “24/7” is to this EP what “Sweater Weather” is to their debut, meaning it’s the catchiest of the songs on the album. That being said, I enjoy the song about just as much as I enjoyed it predecessor, after all everyone loves a good “be my girl” song. They close the EP with “Sadderdaze” which returns to the slower tempo of “Roll Call” and alludes to the struggles “famous” people have adjusting to “stardom.”

Overall, I genuinely enjoyed the album. As a long-time fan of the band, this album exemplifies their growth in the genre they know and love. This EP will satiate my taste for newer content (having cycled through all of their old stuff so many times), but with only five songs, it will only do so for so long.


Hard EP by The Neighbourhood                             07/10

Roll Call                                                                                   07/10
You Get Me So High                                                             10/10   *my favorite song*
Noise                                                                                        06/10
24/7                                                                                         08/10
Sadderdaze                                                                             07/10

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