Frights and Fins

A late October night deserves a spooky story. I hope you get a good scare out of my killer thriller. Happy Halloween, witches!


Drop Dead Gorgeous

At the local church’s pumpkin patch, on a warm autumn afternoon, two girls were looking for the perfect fall decorations for their dorms room. They perused vine after vine of the orange gourds. As they approached the middle of the field, a boy came up to them and asked:
“Excuse me, do you need help?” The two girls gawk for a quick second. The boy before them was devastatingly handsome. Chiseled features, a brilliant smile, and eyes anyone could get lost in. All of it wrapped in a flannel and jeans, with a baseball cap to match. One girl spoke up:
“We will in a minute, if we can find what we’re looking for.”
“I might be able to find it”, he responded “I’ve been through this patch God knows how many times.”
“That’s sweet of you. What’s your name?”
“Manson, Henry Manson. And yours?”
“My name is Sam, and my strangely quiet friend here is Alexis.”
“Sam and Alexis. I think I can manage that. Oh, I should ask, would y’all be interested in coming to a Halloween party tomorrow night? I know it’s short notice, but I’m sure you’ll have a great time.”
“I don’t know, we don’t have-“
“Sure,” Alexis offered ” we would love to come.”
“Well then,” Henry obliged ” I guess it’s settled. If you could just give me your numbers, I’ll send you the info later.”
“Okay,” Sam said, inputting the numbers as she spoke ” we’ll be in touch.”
“Thank you so much, you won’t be sorry.” He turned around and grabbed a picturesque pumpkin from right next to his feet. “Here’s something for all your trouble.
“Oh no, the pleasure was all mine.” Alexis commented. “Could you take it to the register? We didn’t see it on our way in.”
“Sure, just follow me.” Alexis smiled and Sam offered a hearty laugh in return. Sam took a quick sniff and whispered:
“Alex, do you smell something, like salt water?”
“No.” Alex responded “I can’t smell anything over Henry’s cologne. It smells like the smiles of playing children.”
“You are ridiculous.”

The next night, Sam and Alexis showed up to the address Henry sent them. It was inside a gated community on the banks of the county’s main river. The house itself was stately, but the gang of college students partying made clear that a good time was being had by all.  Alexis and Sam walked into the house and found Henry flanked by a crew of boys dressed as a skeleton mariachi band. Henry tipped his black Sombrero and walked towards them.
“Ladies, welcome to our humble dwelling.”
“It’s certainly special.” Sam responded
“One might even say enchanting.” Henry retorted “Come on in! Have a drink or two,” Henry stared into Alexis’ eyes “we want you to enjoy yourself.”
He showed to the kitchen counter and made a few clicking sounds. The bartender started to pour drinks for the three of them.
A few drinks later found Alexis and Henry kissing wildly on the back porch of the house as Sam danced along to the song thumping inside. A few minutes into what can only be described as one of the most violent make out sessions ever, Alexis starts to run her hands through his hair. She starts to take off the hat and Henry snaps:
“No! Don’t take off the hat! I have to keep it on!” Alexis shot a questioning look and he began to stammer. He continues, “I like to keep the allure going.” He began to smile. He kissed her cheek and started to work his way down her neck. “In fact, do you want to get some privacy in my room?” Alexis nods and smiles.
Henry grabs her hand and starts to drag her away from the party. As they walk away, Henry takes off his hat, and in that moment, Alexis notices a hole in the back of his head.
Several minutes after, Sam goes outside looking for them.
“Alexis! Henry!” She looked around and found one of Henry’s skeleton gloves discarded on the path from the back door. She followed the path away from the bright lights of the party. Along the dirt, she saw yet another glove, and then the jacket, hanging from a branch. At the river bed, she saw the Sombrero, it’s ornate decorations glowing a faint green in the dark. As she picks up the hat, her phone goes off. It’s a call from Alexis. Sam’s voice, creaky yet relieved goes:
“Beware of dolphins.” The call hung up. Sam looked at her phone confused, but then a dolphin find rose from the river. She kneeled down to see the dolphin underneath the water. When the dolphin rose to the surface, all she saw was Henry’s face showing an evil grin. His eyes reflected her scared expression back at her.

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Andrew Walker Watson is a freshman International Studies Major. He loves Brazilian rap music, discovering useless facts, and, naturally, writing. If he could ever stop staring out into space, he would like to start a global movement to change the world and guest host Saturday Night Live.