Another Excerpt from Stereotypical Fantasy Romance Novel

“Kristian! Kristian, are you there?” Rhea called in Latin. She had told her lover to meet her deep in the trees that surrounded her family’s villa in the countryside. It was past midnight, the moon concealed by clouds and the canopy of the trees far above her head. She had told Kristian to leave lanterns behind so that they would not be easily spotted if my chance there was a wanderer or they had been followed.

“Rhea is that you?” Kristian called back from somewhere in the darkness. “Yes I’m here.”

“Where? I cannot see you.” Rhea called again stretching her arms out in front of her to feel around the darkness.

“Nor I you,” Kristian grumbled.

Rhea groaned and started to say something else when her hands brushed against something soft. Her palms traveled up Kristian’s abdomen to his face where her fingers trailed over his lips, the ones she knew well. “Ah, there you are.”

“Here I am,” he smiled, his lips brushing against her fingertips.

Rhea embraced him and nuzzled her face into his chest; she noticed he smelled of grass. “I missed you,” she breathed. “Why is it you smell of the fields?”

“Strenuous work in the gardens,” he sighed and stroked her cheek with his thumb after she pulled back. “Life as a slave for your father is no easy task; if he knew of our love it’d be the death of me.”

“I wish that there was something I could do to help.” She frowned and looked up to where she knew his face would be. “Why is it you refuse to run away with me?”

“I cannot provide for you the life you are accustomed to-” Rhea started to protest but he cut her off. “And the life you deserve.”

“How can you inform me of what I deserve? All I deserve is you, and that is all I request.”

“You deserve better than I.”

“If that is so then why did Jupiter himself, make our bonding so? Face it Kristian, you belong with me and I you.” Rhea smiled and drew circles on his chest with her finger. “And as I said before, all I request is you.”

“But I am not what is requested of you,” Kristian grunted bitterly.

“Tyson may make as many advances as he wishes and my father may incline however he chooses but I cannot deny a love designed by the gods,” Rhea replied kissing his chest.

“You aren’t in the study when they speak privately. They wish you to marry.”

“I do not care what they wish me to do,” Rhea grunted, glaring into the darkness. A gust of wind blew from behind them and caused her to shiver.

“Rhea, are you cold?” Kristian asked as he pulled her closer. A dim light erupted into the darkness and warmed the air around them. Kristian raised his hand, which glowed red from radiating heat, to Rhea’s face. His light illuminated her porcelain skin, flowing auburn hair, and glowing green eyes. “There is the beauty this night has kept hidden away.”

Rhea blushed as she stared into Kristian’s eyes through his blonde hair, “I wasn’t cold.”

Kristian placed his thumb on the forehead causing her to wince. He pulled back instantly, the light in his hand extinguished. “Rhea, I greatly apologize!”

“No need to worry Kristian,” Rhea said as she rubbed the small burn mark on her forehead.

“What shall you tell your family and Tyson?”

“If they ask I shall tell them one of the maid servants burnt me while curling my hair.”

“And get one of them in trouble?” Kristian frowned.

“It’s not as if I could speak truthfully,” Rhea shrugged.

“But I’d rather you not place blame.”

“Then what do you suggest I do?”

Kristian opened his mouth, and then closed it, having no reasonable response, he sighed, “Can you not place blame on Freya?”

“Of course not, I adore Freya; Magda on the other hand, can be chastised by the fury that is my mother,” Rhea grunted cruelly.

Kristian chuckled, “Your constant quarreling is amusing. I adore the way your face reddens when your temper is tested.”

She huffed glad the darkness concealed her blush.

Kristian wrapped his arms around Rhea and rested his chin on her head. “I have no idea what I would do if someone tried to take you away from me. I refuse to love just anyone; I was created to love just one, and that is you Rhea.”

Rhea smiled and brought up her hand which on its own was glowing red from the heat, she produced. Once again the darkness was pierced by the dim light that allowed the two lovers to see. Rhea locked eyes with her secret lover and smiled. “Do you think someone would question matching marks on our heads?” she giggled.

He smirked, “There’s only one way to be sure.” He took her hand in his as he bent down, the heat of her hand a natural feeling to him. He took her thumb and placed it on his forehead in the same spot he had laid his own on her, heating the flesh underneath his hair. He didn’t even flinch at the pain and instead smiled as he looked into the green eyes of his love.

She looked back into his, the intensity of their gaze awing. She leaned forward and pressed her lips onto his. On contact their faces began to glow a brilliant gold and filled the trees with as much light as the sun.


About the Author

Sierra Beeler is a Senior at UNCC, majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Film and Women and Gender studies. Forever a daydreamer, Sierra aspires to one day monopolize an entire weeknight with her own slew of TV shows, more popular than anything Shonda Rhimes could make. On the rare occasions when Sierra is not somewhere being obnoxious, you can find her doing one of her many passions: writing, drawing, filming, screeching (also known as singing), etc.