Midnight Moonlight: An EP Showcase & Review

Upon my growing interest of music originating from Chicago, Illinois, I began to realize that the artists apart of this particular musical hearth collaborate with each other often. Artists like Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Noname Gypsy, Saba and Mick Jenkins all have growing fan bases and are commonly seen on each other’s projects. As of recent, I began to find songs featuring a new name that came with a very unique and soulful voice. The name was Ravyn Lenae, a nineteen year old woman who was gaining attention fast.

After continuously stumbling over hit after hit featuring her, I decided to seek out the musical works she was creating. Her vocals took my ears by storm and the melodies reminded me of the pre-CTRL era SZA once belonged to.

Lenae’s first EP is titled, “Moon Shoes,” and has a beautiful array of songs. Personal favorites include “Blossom Dearie,” ”Recess,” and “Sleep Talking”. Earlier this year Lenae added another EP to her discography called “Midnight Moonlight” which could be characterized as short, sweet and magical.

Midnight Moonlight begins with a song titled, “Genesis”. It begins with “tell me baby, how’s the other side”. I immediately assumed that something has come to an end. Further we see that the narrator “prays to meet your maker” or in other words wants to meet the parents of her lover. Her wish is ultimately granted and upon that introductory moment things turn left when she sings, “cause when your father cut me, I was holy in your heart…” I believe that this point is the beginning of the end of their relationship due to a secret being revealed. And because of it, she saw that persons love, “outgrow” for her.

The following song is called “Unknown,” and carries an ethereal melody that I absolutely adore. This song leads me to believe that Genesis was indeed the ending of her partnership. Here we have her saying things like, “I know me, I cannot move on,” or “I am to cold, I long for your warmth,” and “every time I, close my eyes your, voice I can’t retrace, nothing can replace” hinting towards a break up or separation of sorts. She also says, “I know you told me that you won’t be long… why you make me wait?” suggesting that what once was, is now on hold. She is now feeling “all alone”.

The third song named “Spice,” introduces an upbeat tempo that talks about being sweet, salty, and spicy all in one. At this point in the album I speculate that this song is actually coming from her counterparts perspective. That person says, “I can’t treat you nice…”, “I’m your favorite…”, ”love me I advise, If you know what’s right…”. My comprehension leads me to believe that since the woman was cut and her secret was revealed, the counterpart is now taking advantage of the situation by playing off the love she still has. It seems like she is a hostage to love waiting to be free.

“Hiatus (Interlude)” is the title of the fourth song. This short song displays the pain the woman now endures. She says, “When your heart won’t grow on you have rain… ‘cause when you hold my own, you’d feel  my weight… I can’t wait”. She is now in a state of misery since she cannot stop loving the partner nor have them. She thinks that if they could hold her heart they would know how it feels to be in this state. She “can’t wait,” any longer.

After the interlude we have “Last Breath,” which is another one of my most favorite songs by Lenae. I look at this song as the woman’s threshold between giving in and walking away. In the opening she sings, “looking like you want to stay, I won’t make it but you raise the dead…” meaning that the person looks like they still want this but she is tired of waiting. She then goes on to say, “if you understand that you’re on someone’s plan… there’s no other way.” hinting back to having to wait and now understanding that there is no way around waiting. “Why you wasting your last breath… this is not a test… you got to let me know right now…” are the next lines and I view them as her saying, ‘why are you still trying to keep me complacent? This is not a game, you either want me or you not’. It ends with “Are you willing? To sacrifice your life?… To give it up tonight?”. It is a plead for the last time.

The last song goes by the name of “Thirst”. She sings about having insomnia and feeling empty. I assume that her emotions of lonliness are because of the decisions made in the previous song. Her other half was not willing to sacrifice whatever it was the forced her to wait. She sings, “I’m empty fill me up…” and “why can’t I quench this thirst…” because she is now searching to feel her void. The difference is that there is now another person in the mix. She goes on to sing, “You said, ‘hold my hand and be my guide…” and “I got scars that shine when shown…” this speaks towards her having someone new helping her get through while still having the battle wounds from her past lover. She was “left to hang her head,” but someone came along to help pick it back up.

This Ep as a whole was well done in my opinion and is definitely something unlike many. I suggest you listen to Midnight Moonlight and form your own unique interpretations! There are of a multitude of perspectives to take!


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