Cooler than a Sword

This is for all of the editors and my favorite people: Melissa, Sierra, Elissa, and Nancy

Language is one of the few things that unite most human beings. We have the unique ability to transfer thoughts from one brain to another. Even cooler, we made it so that our language can be written down so that we can transfer thought for millennia. Language is something humans have mastered better than any other species on Earth. It’s so important that we will wage war and force people to speak a certain language.
I have always personally considered myself a writer. Since college, I have had my work published at least once a year. I have continually worked to make my writing better, even though doing so can be a rough process. Being a writer at all can be a hard proposition unless you get a check with every copy being sold, and even then it’s still not easy. However every day, someone decides they are ready to join a world of language.
A world of language is more of a metaphor than one can even imagine. Writers are a very solitary and introverted group. From journalists to poets, we manage to simultaneously be so interested in people and avoid as much human contact as we can. Unless you work for a newspaper, finding writing friends is not as easy as looking out your window. Realistically finding friends hadn’t been easy for me since I was in high school.

One day it hit me, high school is exactly when I can start to build a writing community. If some random high-schoolers could get it together, they weren’t going to have to face a world of crushing loneliness. So I called my old principal Ms. Sterlin to see if she might have some tips. She didn’t have tips, she had a how-to guide. She guided me all the way through the process of creating a school. Thus was born Murakami High School, after one of my favorite authors.

Murakami is designed to be a dream for anyone working on big and/or personal projects.The whole campus is filled with places where anyone can find the most beautiful places to be alone. Which is a dream as a writer, but a nightmare as an administrator who is responsible for hundreds of kids for extended hours of the day. There’s inevitably moments where kids will disappear for hours, but they usually come back with thousands of words added to their word counts or heavy revisions completed. When my students many of them use my favorite excuse:

“Sir, I had a good idea. If I didn’t write it, no one would. If I died, this idea would have died with me.

And I laugh in their face.

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Andrew Walker Watson is a junior International Studies Major. He loves Brazilian rap music, discovering useless facts, and, naturally, writing. If he could ever stop staring out into space, he would like to start a global movement to change the world and guest host Saturday Night Live.