Spring Sonnet-ish

Happy World Poetry Day! Meet us at the Student Union March 22 from 2-4:45p!

On the first day of spring
I was given flowers
Though darkness that day would bring
That was its sweetest hour
Sunshine kissed the sky
Though I had lost my favorite kiss
The colors of each petal shined so bright
I felt my heart make a wish
Anxiety was left behind
Despite my looming adulthood
I knew then I would find
What was right and good
Not cynicism and defeat tied up in a string
I was given pretty flowers for the first of spring


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About the Author

Andrew Walker Watson is a sophmore International Studies Major. He loves Brazilian rap music, discovering useless facts, and, naturally, writing. If he could ever stop staring out into space, he would like to start a global movement to change the world and guest host Saturday Night Live.