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I would like to dedicate this one to our Designers: Melody, Heather, and Greyson. You guys are amazing!

When I was a little kid, my big brother, Kyle, used to let me hang out with his friends on the weekends. Every week they would spend their Saturday at someone’s house and work on all the projects they were supposed to do for school. You see, Kyle and his friends were all in this arts program. Every Monday, they would have to present whatever they spent the last week working on. Sometimes their teacher would give them specific assignments, but other times they got to scavenge a project of whatever happened to tickle their fancy that week.
Because I was four years younger than them, I had a lot less homework and I spent most of my time being the artists’ assistant. I would fetch paints and prints and whatever else they could possibly need. I would come home most days covered in a wash of colors most weeks, much to my mother’s horror. One time, when they had to do make a sculpture, my hair had a bunch of clay mixed into my naps. My father spent nearly an hour trying to get every piece he could out of my head.
Since I spent all that time working for Kyle’s friends, whenever they had a chance to do something else, or decided they weren’t going to do their work that day, I got to go out with them. We hung out at the boardwalk some afternoons or went snowboarding in the mountains. Sometimes, they took me to Museum park and just hung out downtown, looking all sorts of cool art and having picnic lunches. I grew to love being around art all the time.
Naturally, when it became time to go into the arts program myself, I jumped at the chance. Since I’m so familiar to all my bother’s struggles, I could catch on to all the nuances my teachers couldn’t quite explain, and knew how to game the teachers into letting me do what I want. Now I got to do all the cool things my brother and his friends did so many times with my own set of friends. I’m glad I can continue in the great tradition.

Self Portrait as an Artist, Vincent Van Gogh

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