Bad New Poetry I


As she lay awake,
another woman’s perfume,
invades her nostrils.

She grits her teeth hard.
He sure does think himself coy.
We’ll see about that.

Reaching for her knife;
she didn’t know what to do,
but her hand sure did.

The flick of her wrist:
He’ll regret what he did.
But she- she sure wont.

About the Author

Sierra Beeler is a Senior at UNCC, majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Film and Women and Gender studies. Forever a daydreamer, Sierra aspires to one day monopolize an entire weeknight with her own slew of TV shows, more popular than anything Shonda Rhimes could make. On the rare occasions when Sierra is not somewhere being obnoxious, you can find her doing one of her many passions: writing, drawing, filming, screeching (also known as singing), etc.