Excerpt from Stereotypical High School Drama Novel

“Akemi, where were you last night?” Akiko asked her sister pointedly as she stepped into their shared dorm room at almost seven thirty in the morning.

“Out,” Akemi grunted, peeling out of yesterday’s blazer. Her hair was messy, she wasn’t wearing her glasses (again), and it looked like her mascara was smeared, but for as long as Akiko knew her sister didn’t wear makeup.

“Out?” Akiko scoffed angrily. She’d waited up until two-thirty for her sister to come in and was worried sick when she woke up at six and she still wasn’t there. “You know I had to pretend to be you last night for check-in so you wouldn’t get in trouble? I texted you nonstop all night, why didn’t you text me back?”

“I didn’t ask you to cover for me,” she grunted dropping her pants to the floor. “And I didn’t text you back ‘cause I was busy.”

“Busy doing what?”

Akemi smirked and said nothing as she pulled her shirt off, revealing a ginormous hickey right below her collar bone.

Akiko grimaced. “So, you were with that girl again, I assume.”

“And so, what if I was?” Akemi challenged, raising an eyebrow. “You gonna ground me mom?”

“No, you just don’t know what you’re getting yourself into,” Akiko grunted crossing her arms. “She’s bad news.”

Why? Because your little friend Alina said so?” Akemi hissed, crossing her arms.

No! You know I don’t care about gossip. I just- get bad vibes from her.”

“Right, you get ‘bad vibes’,” Akemi said rolling her eyes. “Or maybe you’re just mad that the person I like likes me back while you’re too busy lusting after Joel who, oh yeah, already has a boyfriend.”

That’s not what this is!” Akiko grunted defensively. She could feel herself flushing and she shook her head feverishly to try to stop herself from turning red. “Akemi you haven’t been acting like yourself since you got with her! You’re getting in trouble in class, you’re not doing your homework, you’ve been sneaking off campus, I haven’t seen you wear your glasses for days, and since where do you steal my makeup? Like what’s going on with you?! You don’t talk to me anymore! Why are you shutting me out?!” Akiko hadn’t realized she’d started yelling until her sister yelled back at her.

What do you even know?!” Akemi spat angrily. “I feel more like myself when I’m with Luci than I do with anybody else, including you! You’re just mad I’m not stooping in your fucking shadow for once and that someone is paying attention to me for something other than my grades and not you! Well newsflash Akiko, the world doesn’t revolve around you. My world doesn’t revolve around you! I’m my own person, I’m not just your twin! Maybe I’m sick and tired of constantly being compared to someone else!”

“What are you even talking about?!” Akiko cried confused. “Who said that you were in my shadow, huh? If anything, I’m in yours! And I don’t like being compared to you either but that isn’t what this argument is about!”

“What-ever- Akiko! I didn’t come back here to get yelled at, I just needed to change,” Akemi grunted snatching the robe off the end of her bed.

“Akemi do not leave! You need to talk to me!” Akiko growled as she hopped off her bed to stop her sister.

Akemi quickly grabbed her shower caddy and ran out of the door, running down to the bathroom in her underwear.

This conversation wasn’t over.

About the Author

Sierra Beeler is a Senior at UNCC, majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Film and Women and Gender studies. Forever a daydreamer, Sierra aspires to one day monopolize an entire weeknight with her own slew of TV shows, more popular than anything Shonda Rhimes could make. On the rare occasions when Sierra is not somewhere being obnoxious, you can find her doing one of her many passions: writing, drawing, filming, screeching (also known as singing), etc.