Spooky season needs a spooky story. Happy Halloween, witches!


Anna was excited for her annual Halloween party. She had her outfit picked out and she had the house decorated from top to bottom. The invites had been sent out and the drinks were sitting expectantly on the kitchen counter. The last thing on Anna’s to-do list was find a date. She only had a few hours left, but she was sure she could find some boy.  Anna’s first instinct was to scroll through Instagram, but that didn’t work as well as she hoped. Her Plan B was to lurk around the mall and hope someone interesting showed up. She spent about 90 minutes walking around trying to find the perfect guy. That’s when she heard the most annoying sound she knew. That was Zeke Miller laughing on the phone with one of his friends.

Zeke had a reputation for being obnoxious and trying to sleep with every girl he could find. He was especially annoying to Anna because he had had a crush on her since they were little kids. In the years since, Anna had gotten prettier and Zeke became more of a nuisance. The worst of it was two years ago when he had the nerve to tell people that she slept with him. Zeke told anyone he could, and by the time she heard it, the story was that they had been secretly dating for years.  Anna didn’t really want to spend any more time with him; she wishes that he would leave her alone for a while. Actually, now that she thought about it, Zeke was perfect. There was no way she was actually going to date Zeke, but he could be useful for something else.

“Hey Zeke!” she called from across the hall. Anna immediately regretted the decision, but she was willing to stand by it. Zeke came with a Jack Skellington costume and a smug grin she wanted to wipe off his face. “Zeke, I’m having this Halloween party tonight. You should stop by, I think we could have a fun time together.”

Anna was ready to barf after saying that sentence out loud, but Zeke didn’t know that. He thought she was actually taking interest in him. “Oh sick! I’d love to go! I’ll see you tonight. It’s at your place, right?”

“Yep. You know the one. ‘Kay, bye!” Anna spun around and fled the scene. That did not go as planned, but this would certainly make for a fun night.


Without the floodlight of the moon, the night of the party was especially dark. Music was blaring and there was an absolute mob of kids drinking on her front lawn. Anna was dressed in an elaborate spider web patterned dress and black everything else to make her spooky looking. She was dancing with her friends on her porch when Zeke pulled up sporting a half finished bottle of beer. His dark costume was already disheveled, and he had a crazy look in his eyes. Zeke thought he was in for the wildest night of his life, but Anna knew she was the one in control in here. She was excited for all the fun she was going to have tonight. She brought him to her friends and introduced him:

“So guys, this is my old friend Zeke that I’ve been telling you so much about.” Anna and her friends giggled.

“It’s so nice to meet you;” one friend said “we’ve heard so much about you.”

“I’m sure it’s all nice. That’s just the kind of girl Anna is.” Zeke replied, slurring his words a little. One of Anna’s friends choked on their drink trying not to laugh. Anna tried to salvage the moment.

“Of course! I know we haven’t been super close lately, but I still wouldn’t bring you to a party just to embarrass you.” Anna gave him a kiss, making sure to press close to his body. She patted his chest. “Go inside and get a fresh beer.”

As the hours of partying began to blend in together, Anna found Zeke inside winning a game of beer pong on the dining room table. There was a crowd intently watching the game, waiting on the winning shot. Zeke was on his last cup of the game and it was his turn. He shifted around until he found the right angle, and then flicked the ball. The ball found the cup, and like that, Zeke was a champion. The room erupted in cheers and every one was jumping around. Anna sauntered over to Zeke and kissed him. She let her spindle-like fingers caress his face, and drew him in. They made out for a little bit, and Zeke’s body relaxed the longer they stood there. Anna could feel him yield control to her. She could tell that he was putty in her hands, ready to do anything she wanted.

“Hey,” Anna said “do you want to come up to my room?”

Rather than respond, Zeke simply nodded his head. He followed Anna up the stairs to her dark bedroom. Clothes were discarded as the heat between them warmed the room. Their hands mapped each other’s bodies, frantically trying to draw one another closer. Zeke’s heart begins to beat out of his chest and the heat is burning up his skin. His body can’t keep up with her, but Zeke is sure it’s just the heat of the moment. As pleasure surges through their bodies, Zeke’s phone began to buzz and flash. When the light shone in the room, he saw that Anna’s face was nothing but a blank skull. He jumped back and shrieked loud enough for the whole house to hear him. He heaved his body down the stairs, and everyone is aghast at the sight of him. He looks down to see skin and sinew drip off his body to reveal his ivory white bones. He dropped to his knees, seething in pain from his muscles being scorched into oblivion. Zeke looked into a nearby mirror and watched as his visage slowly revealed his own skull. Anna came behind him and wrapped her arms around Zeke. With an embrace, she extracted the life from his body and completed his transformation into a skeleton.

“If only personality was bone deep, then they could see how horrible you were.”

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Andrew Walker Watson is a sophmore International Studies Major. He loves Brazilian rap music, discovering useless facts, and, naturally, writing. If he could ever stop staring out into space, he would like to start a global movement to change the world and guest host Saturday Night Live.