“New Light” by John Mayer–Sanskrit Office Mood Song

This is random and doesn’t really have to go with the review, but doesn’t John Mayer look like he could be a doctor in Grey’s Anatomy? He seems like a Dr. McGroovy.

When it says “Premium Content”, it is not joking because–my god–John Mayer delivered. This man may be the only forty year in the world that gets the internet. The music video is just one meme after another. There is one where two John Mayers have their back against another like they are posing for a Disney Channel sitcom from the early 2000s. Another one had a torn up sweatshirt (five bucks says it’s actually a million dollars and lying in the back on Kylie Jenner’s closet), plaid pajama pants, and chunky dad sneakers, he is dancing in front of a green screen with stock pictures and animation with watermarks. I haven’t even got to discussing the actual song, and it’s already good.

It would have been disappointing if the song was horrible, and the music video was it’s only redeeming quality; but the music is so quality too! Our Sanskrit office was living for the beat! We spent a good our just being goofy and dancing because–well–monkey see, monkey does was John Mayer says to do when it looks like he’s having so much fun.

It makes sense that the song is called “New Light” because I don’t think I’ve ever see John Mayer like this. Like going through his Youtube channel, his released music comprised of serious, intense, emotional stuff that makes you look out a window during a car ride. With this one, care has been thrown out the window. Gone is the old tortured Johnny who pines for the girl. New Johnny is here to party at a Bar Mitzvah. Speaking of Bar Mitzvah, this video apparently was filmed at a Bar Mitzvah studio, so now I have to go to a soundproof room and just laugh till the end of this millennium.

Honestly, there is only so much I can say about “New Light” by John Mayer. You just have to watch and listen to it for yourself. The Sanskrit team has adopted this song as our office theme song if we were ever made into a sitcom (hint, hint, Michael Schur. Where you at?), so that should tell you how much we love this song.

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