Sacred Space

Listen to me perform this poem here:

Can we be your sacred space?

Not just a cozy home on a winter night

Not just the coolest kickback spot of the summer

but where we listen to your screams and cries

because they are louder to us than the crunch of fall leaves

and your voice is more beautiful than spring flowers

We are your crib for all seasons

We will be there for your bad days and your good days

We will be there for those moments of pining and grinding and every nasty moment afterwards

We are a space you can trust with those moments of lust

and all the hours when you contemplate if you can trust yourself

Believe us because we will always believe in you

Whatever you decide to do

Whatever you’ve been though

Whoever you are

Even if you can answer that question

Week after week learn a lesson about yourself

even if it’s just how geeky you are

Then be unapologetic about it

be proud of it

Let us feel you every emotion through your creation

give our community with the fruits of your wisdom

We nourish our roots

because we cherish the beauty in the blooms

We are perennial: blooming year after year

with vibrant colors that rival a stained glass window

I’ll run it back:

can we be your sacred space?


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About the Author

Andrew Walker Watson is a sophmore International Studies Major. He loves Brazilian rap music, discovering useless facts, and, naturally, writing. If he could ever stop staring out into space, he would like to start a global movement to change the world and guest host Saturday Night Live.