Castlevania Review

Retro gamers, do you remember the hardships and all of the difficulty that came with
playing Nintendo’s vampire-slaying game series? Castlevania was a groundbreaking video for its
time, people were blown away by the stylistic choices and the incredible soundtrack. The
Castlevania Franchise continues for years to come, being adapted into a Netflix Original TV
show in 2017, fans were surprised. The adaption follows the three characters, Trevor Belmont,
Sypha Belnades, and the son of Dracula, Alucard. The band makes a pact to slay Dracula before
he wipes out the entire human race. If this sounds familiar, then maybe it is because the
adaptation is based of Castlevania III: Dracula’s curse, one of the more notable games in the
entire series. What The Castlevania TV show does is take all of the 8-bit action packed
sequences and is beautifully animated with stunning visuals that will be remembered. Not only is
the story rich and deeply expanded, but the classic castlevania music returns with a powerful
punch. The show gives fans the taste of Castlevania they have been yearning for, the nostalgia
packed within calms the desire of wanting more, and brings new fans in to become a part of the
never ending vampire slaying.

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