!BEWARE!: The Androgynous Woman

Beware the androgynous woman!

Her fluidity is unnatural,

her deviance uncommon.

She is unreadable,

Source: The College Agency

and therefore unpredictable.

She is a danger

And yet, you cannot look away.

The mystery of what hides between,

The soft flesh of her thighs,

Draws you in like a moth to flame.

What she slips between her lips is a secret,

Meant only for her and her mysterious lover.

Is it phallic? Or is it reminiscent,

Of a freshly bloomed flower after a light spring shower?

She disgusts you, her and her androgyny,

And how much it attracts you.

The neutrality of her expression,

The curve of her hips,

The confidence in her walk.

The freedom,

Is what attracts you the most.

How free she is from societal expectations,

How unconcerned she is with the burden of your judgment.

She is unsettling.

She is awe inspiring.

You wish to be more like her,

And that is the true danger.

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About the Author

Sierra Beeler is a Senior at UNCC, majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Film and Women and Gender studies. Forever a daydreamer, Sierra aspires to one day monopolize an entire weeknight with her own slew of TV shows, more popular than anything Shonda Rhimes could make. On the rare occasions when Sierra is not somewhere being obnoxious, you can find her doing one of her many passions: writing, drawing, filming, screeching (also known as singing), etc.