DBS Broly Movie Review

It has been 25 years since the debut of the original Dragon Ball Z movie that featured the character Broly. Since then, Broly has been a fan favorite character, and continued to have two more movies after that. Dragon Ball as a whole has been more popular than it has ever been in history. With the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z’s sequel series- Dragon Ball Super, fans want more and they got their wish.
On January 16th, the newest Dragon Ball movie: Dragon Ball Super: Broly made its way to theatres. This film reintroduces the character Broly, as if the previous did not exist. Broly was redesigned for the new movie and was entirely revamped.
Dragon Ball Super: Broly is by far the most exciting Dragon Ball movie to date. Not only is the movie action packed with thrilling and exhilarating battles, and breathtaking visuals that takes modern animation to its absolute peak, but the depth and the story within the first few minutes is the richest Dragon Ball has ever been. Seeing the characters in a completely new art style was refreshing and just an added bonus.
This film is not only the greatest Dragon Ball movie, but a damn movie in general. Any Dragon Ball fan should absolutely see this film as soon as possible. I was on the edge of my seat with my mouth agape at how gorgeous this movie was. It exceeded my expectations. Go see Dragon Ball Super: Broly, fan or not.

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