Kingdom Hearts 3: A Review

Fans have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 for 14 years. 14 long and arduous years. Square-Enix has given us many Kingdom Hearts titles to extend the story and to appease the hunger that was never ending.
It was a surreal experience booting it up for the first time. I almost did not believe that I was actually able to play the game after all of these years. Watching the opening was absolutely magical; I had goosebumps the entire time. But I am here to answer the question that hang over everyone’s minds: was Kingdom Hearts 3 worth the long wait?
I am going to start with the combat mechanics; they are what make the game so damn enjoyable. The evolution of the combat from the first game all the way up to this one is substantial. I never get tired of eliminating massive amount of Heartless, Nobodies, and/or the Unversed. The variety of keyblade transformations is astounding. It was so much fun trying out the different changes and how it altered the flow of fighting the different enemies. The Attractions were such a unique addition, but after a while, I found myself ignoring them, because they just took too much time and were not strong enough compared to my keyblade.
The newly added Disney worlds were pretty cool. I am glad that they used new ones, aside from Hercules and Pirates of the Caribbean. It is awesome that they added Monsters Inc. and Toy Story. The Pixar additions were fresh as well, and awesome to see finally put in the game.
The Gummi Ship evolution was an improvement. The transition from a linear level to an overworld definitely worked for the better, and I found myself pouring hours into editing my ship and exploring the different galaxies. Looking for the different constellations to find special ships was a lot of fun.
Now onto the narrative, and here is where things get tricky. The story does not pick up until after the final disney world, which is essentially the end of the game. Throughout the different disney worlds, there is some of the plot and narrative sprinkled in, but it was not enough for a conclusion of a saga, and it even felt forced. The dialogue of the cutscenes, and there a lot of them (not a bad thing), were just so dry and again, felt forced. Nothing happens in a lot of the cutscenes, they are just there. It does not progress the story too much, and it is boring. All of the really exciting scenarios do not happen until the end of the game. The plot is not really woven into the Disney Worlds, and comparably to the previous games, it is lackluster and disappointing.
However, I do love this game with all of my heart despite its many flaws. This game was not worth the wait. I expected it to be a lot better in terms of the narrative. But I do believe any Kingdom Hearts fan should play the game indefinitely.

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