She fell from a cloud,
and awoke in a crater.

A boulder lay buried beside her.
It had cracks and edges.
The kind that cuts.

This rock had minerals lined in it.
Veins that ran through and glistened
when the moonlight hit. A glowing black
and blue bruise that pulsates and aches.

Her eyes caught a glimpse of
beauty. They hurt.

She heaved the boulder over her shoulder.
Climbed out of the crater with only her
bare feet.

A mountain stood before her.
Kissed a tender bleeding sky.
She trudged upward
Leaving red footprints behind.

She grew weak.
Her ribs protrude.

Yet still carried on.
Reached the top
and fell to her knees.

The boulder fell and struck the ground.
At the peak, it had made a sound similar
to thunder. She gasped for air and drank her
own tears.

She leaned back near the edge and closed her eyes. Afraid her burden
had shattered. But it stood, holding her up as she
took in one more breath.

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