(From Left To Right) Saba, Noname, Smino

Hip Hop is in a golden era. The amount of raw talent, commercial success, and potential is greater than the world has ever seen.

Ghetto Sage is a combination of Chicago MC’s: Noname, Saba, and Smino (originally hailing from St. Louis). As frequent collaborators sharing similar artistic evolutions, the formulation of this group was inevitable. Not to lean too heavily on comparisons due to how individually monstrous each of these artists are on their own, but Ghetto Sage will have the clout of the Fugees with the album quality potentially trumping Watch The Throne.

The potential synergy between these artists is something that commercial rap has yet to experience because these three occupy different musical styles, yet each have the same god-tier artistic capabilities. Noname, the scholar coming in to her own to pick up the crown that Lauryn Hill gave up. Smino, the stoner playboy, everyone’s favorite cousin, and possibly the best punchline rapper since Wayne in his prime. Saba, the producer and spitter who can carry a track like nobody’s business. What brings them together and puts them over the top, is the fact that they’ve been making music together since their mixtape days.

Chicago has had the rap game by its throat since Acid Rap. Something in CPS water and all the lead in the air (pun completely intended, sadly violence begets beautiful art) turned a few dozen artists into powerhouses. Seriously. Aside from this trinity of rappers/poets, in the past decade we have seen Chicago bring forth:

Chance The Rapper
Taylor Bennett
Vic Mensa
Mick Jenkins
Alex Wiley
Supa Bwe
Joey Purp
Donnie Trumpet
Jamila Woods
Jean Deaux
Rayvn Lenae
Eryn Allen Kane
BJ The Chiacgo Kid
Peter Cottontale

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