Hollow Knight: A Review

Let’s start with how weird this game is, on the surface level. It’s where all of the characters on bugs (finally). Now, again, this is strange, when is the last there has been a well known-ish game about bugs?
In the spirit of Halloween, this game does have its spooky elements. Hollow Knight is another Metroidvania game, but it is also Souls-like. Souls-like is a term that is used to describe a genre of video games that incorporates elements from Dark Souls, or any game made by From Software. For example: losing all of your money when you die, a checkpoint system that the player has to rest at. But what makes this game so special is the fusion between the genre of Metroidvania and Souls-like.
Hollow Knight is dark, both literally and figuratively. There is not much brightness in terms of atmosphere. The world seems to be in shambles. There is a lot of death going around, and a lot of it is actually sad. If the player pay attention to the characters and the places around them, they can notice how depressing the game can be, and many times there is now getting out of the hopelessness. I find that to be so infuriating as a player, but in a positive that keeps you wanting to keep going. “Maybe this time will be different.” You will say to yourself, and you may or may not be right. Most, if not all side quests are like this, and you will begin to notice as I did if you are invested, and by god, you should be.
The game play is fun as all hell. And I use the word hell, because sometimes the game feels like it, because the challenge is 100 percent there. But nothing ever felt impossible. There are many times where I left a boss, and explored the rest of the world, and then came back to vanquish my foe.
The soundtrack is exquisite. And I know, I always talk about music in games, but come on. If you are a true gamer, you know how important it is. Every new area breeds its own song that embraces its atmosphere.
The art direction is really breathtaking. Designs of enemies to designs of NPCs are just so unique. The backgrounds and foregrounds are incredibly detailed and are so vivid. The immersion is incredible.
Dear reader, you may have noticed that there is not any negative said things about this game. Well, you are right. I love this game with my whole heart. The one bad comment I have has nothing to do with degrading it. The game is incredibly heartbreaking, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from playing it.
Pick up this game absolutely. This game is a must buy. Especially with recent reveal of Silksong! OH MY GOD. Thank you Team Cherry.

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