My Hero Academia: A Review

Oh boy! Here we go, Yes, My Hero Academia, let’s get into it. Definitely one of the best anime to come out recently, if not the best. If you haven’t of this glorious show, then sit back and let me tell you why you should devote time to enjoy this wonderful piece of magic.
MHA is a show about mainly about a society where people have special abilities call: quirks. People use their quirks to become heroes or villains. The story follows a boy who wants to become a hero as great as his idol, All Might, but the only problem is that he is quirkless. Being quirkless in context with the show is rare and does not happen too often. If the main character doesn’t have a quirk, then what is the show going to be about, you may ask. Just watch and find out.
Anyway, MHA is a shounen, which is a term used to describe anime made for young boys. MHA takes the mistakes of its predecessors and fixes them, while keeping the soul of an exciting shounen. It’s action packed and filled with exciting moments. The watcher is always rooting for the heroes to win, even in the most tightest of spots. Sometimes it can be heart wrenching, and also filled with dramatic events. It’ll leave you at the edge of your seat with eyes glued to the screen. The fight scene will hype you up.
Every single character in this show is lovable. Even the villains. I believe the villains are so well designed, and a show is always compelling with good villains. The characters of the show are interesting and always leave you wondering how they are going to improve next. They are young, so they make many mistakes, but you may or may not see them overcome the obstacles they have in front of them.
This show has so many memorable moments that will be remembered over the years. This show is still going on, and has the potential to be the greatest shounen to every be written. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the story has in store for us. Season four just began, so hurry and binge the first three so you can catch up.

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