2018-2019 Sanskrit Staff

2018-2019 Staff


Melissa Martin is a junior pursuing dual degrees in psychology and English and dual minors in linguistics and cognitive science. When not reading books for class, Melissa can be found reading books for fun. She aims to work for Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind Sesame Street, researching best-practices for educating children through media.

Associate Editor:

Sierra Beeler is a Senior at UNCC, majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Film and Women and Gender studies. Forever a daydreamer, Sierra aspires to one day monopolize an entire weeknight with her own slew of TV shows, more popular than anything Shonda Rhimes could make. On the rare occasions when Sierra is not somewhere being obnoxious, you can find her doing one of her many passions: writing, drawing, filming, screeching (also known as singing), etc.

Lead Designer:

Ashley Jung is a junior at UNCC studying illustration and painting. She loves pastel color schemes, mixing oil paints, and reading obscure mangas. If she’s not in her studio painting then you can probably find her running around drinking copious amounts of coffee. And one day in the distant future she would like to become some kind of artist.

Promotions Coordinator:

Sydney Wall is a sophomore majoring in art history and French. She loves binge watching Friends, traveling around the world, and talking about art for hours. She aspires to own an art gallery in New York City that is known for their specialty hot chocolates.


Carolina Quintana Ocampo is a Sophomore at UNCC majoring in Art with concentrations in illustration and digital media, along with a minor in Japanese.  When she’s not at the studio working on awesome projects she’s probably hanging out with friends, eating pancakes, or at the movies.  One of her favorite hobbies is watching cartoons like Star vs the Forces of Evil and Voltron; one day she wishes to create a show that’ll make an impact just like the ones she loves to watch.  

Danielle Renee Walden is a freshman studying illustration. Danielle, an avid anime lover, enjoys creative writing, reading webcomics, doing yoga, and studying French. Her main goal is to create amazing stories to share with people in the hopes that they can be as inspired as she is when viewing others’ artworks.


Andrew Walker Watson is a sophomore International Studies Major. He loves Brazilian rap music, discovering useless facts, and, naturally, writing. If he could ever stop staring out into space, he would like to start a global movement to change the world and guest host Saturday Night Live.

Austin Demeglio is an English major with a focus in Creative Writing and a minor in Diverse Literatures and Cultures. He is hoping one day to be a published novelist; until then he spends a lot of time reading, playing video games, and being in tune with the universe.

Meenakshi Sathish is a sophomore majoring in English Literature and double minoring in Economics and Professional/Technical Writing. She is pretty much your neighbor Gilmore girl with the amount of coffee and books she imbibes on a daily basis. If she is not responding to you, don’t take it too personally; she’s probably just daydreaming. In the event she doesn’t pull a Jenny Han and have a best-selling writing career, she aspires to be a hot-shot lawyer or work for a publishing company (either way, she can’t come to the phone because she will be too busy living it up in New York City).


Daviana Fraser is the 2019 Spring intern with the promotions department. She is a senior with majors in communications and Africana studies, and a minor in journalism. Daviana is a soup enthusiast and North Carolina native. She spends her free time binge watching Netflix series, surrounding herself with friends, and painting.

Patrick Ryan Bowman is the 2019 Spring intern with the design department. He is a junior studying illustration and art history. Patrick has a passion for drawing and making deals. Although he is only a pizza delivery-man, or “Delivery Expert,” he spends his spare time making money on the side. If he is criticizing an art piece, it will likely be his own.


Daniel Johnson is a Sophomore at UNC Charlotte studying philosophy, math and public health. Daniel is from Laurinburg, NC, and hopes to one day have a career in Healthcare ethics. He enjoys watching cartoons, playing soccer and tennis, sleeping, and listening to music. Music, visual art, and theatre are interests of his, but he really enjoys writing poetry and listening to spoken word.

Elissa Miller is a junior pursuing majors in communications and political science and a minor in legal studies. When she isn’t reviewing theater for Niner Times, she is working on bringing sex education to campus through Sex Week UNC Charlotte or forcing her friends to binge watch television with her. In the future, she would like to be an investigative journalist, a lawyer, or the President of the United States. 

Meghana Sai Kiran is one of the biggest book nerds you will ever meet. Well, she is also an office and friends nerd, but who isn’t? She loves creating intricate and detailed mandalas and working with ceramics. She also loves dancing and watching dance videos. She is a Bio major and a Dance minor and is on the pre-med track.  If you don’t see her with a book in her hand, watching Netflix, or drawing, then you know she’s at the coffee shop having her daily dose of french vanilla coffee. If she doesn’t somehow drown in her own coffee intake, she hopes to be a cardiac surgeon one day.

Yesika Sorto Andino is a junior at UNC Charlotte majoring in Political Science and double minoring in Public Health and Children’s Literature and Childhood Studies. An aspiring United Nations diplomat, she hopes to one day work in Geneva to combat injustices occurring throughout the world. She is very keen on stargazing and hopes to travel throughout the world and see the brightest night skies someday. While she is not contemplating the complexities of life, she is watching the West Wing while eating chocolate and drinking sweet tea.